How to Increase Your SEO: Simple Practices that Make the Difference

Increase SEOOptimal search engine optimization (SEO) relys on key factors, many of which we have studied this semester. Of course it is important to post quality content that includes keywords and to utilize analytics tracking sites…most people know this. What else can we be doing to increase SEO? The difference is often found in the details.

For instance, I feel I have been doing an adequate job of incorporating key words into my blog posts but haven’t in other components of my posts. Having searchable keywords in the beginning of my posts title and attached to my images will have a significant impact on the SEO of my blog. Now that I am aware of these tips you will start to see them incorporated more. By having these words easily accessible the easier it is for my posts to be visible in a Google search.

Another aspect I have neglected to incorporate into my blog post is internal linking. Why I haven’t been doing this is a mystery to me. As with this week’s SEO topic, many of our subjects relate back to previous topics I have written about. Hyperlinking these posts in future blog entries will increase traffic. It’s such an easy fix!

So why does all of this matter? If I’m doing a good job of creating content and getting adequate traffic that should be enough right? No! The whole goal of this class is to test theories and implement practices that will help us reach new heights, which includes an increase in SEO. Articles featured on the first page of Google’s search generate 91.5% more traffic! Implementing these practices, along with posting my blog entries on Google+ are simple fixes to improving my SEO.

Have you been focused on SEO when posting our blog assignments?

What are some practices you plan to incorporate into your posts to increase SEO?


Do You Know How Social Media Really Works? (Lecture Reaction)

Social media is a science. Sometimes when I tell people I’m earning my Master’s specializing in social media I get the response “You’re paying people to make you post on Facebook.” After learning about the power of Facebook and Google+ and the opportunities people have on social networks I would say that statement is the furthest thing from the truth!mediatraining

Many people don’t understand what EdgeRank is and how to utilize Facebook to increase it. I was one of those people until I started this program. When I logged on Facebook I would always wonder why people’s post from the day before were at the top of my newsfeed, now that I understand EdgeRank I know why. Using Facebook and creating post that generate interaction and shares is essential to effectively leverage the social media site in your favor. Now that I know the details involved with ranking on the site I will be employing them and look forward to seeing the results!

Google+ is arguably the most overlooked social media site of them all and in my opinion it houses the most power. Prime example, I posted my reading reaction blog on Facebook and it was completely overlooked, but when I posted it in a social media community on Google+ I got more response than I could’ve imagined (7+s and 9 comments, that’s amazing for a Google+ newbie like me)! Google+ allows you to target your audience. I can put people in groups and post things that are relevant to those groups. I can show people my work in the communities I follow. I can author my work and increase my SEO. The possibilities are endless!googleplus

As I continue to market myself as a social media expert strategy will be the key behind every post I will be making on social media sites from here on out. I recently spoke with a recruiter at HSN and asked her what the biggest thing she looks for when it comes to potential social media professionals. She told me she wants someone who understands how social media really works and has a portfolio to back it up. By gaining an understanding of how Facebook and Google+ work and how they influence each other I can utilize them to take me to new heights professionally. I will continue to strive to build myself as a brand and continue to implement social media into my work to prove social media isn’t about posting, it’s about strategy.

Realizations of this Week: It Seems I May Have Overlooked Google+ and Facebook “Likes” Bing

Some friends of mine flew in from NYC this weekend and while at lunch we began talking about social media. One of my friends said he believes social media will die out. Another one didn’t know what Google+ was, and my boyfriend said Google+ was a waste of time. And so began the in-depth conversation we had about the benefits of Google+, the pros and cons of Facebook and Google+, and the relevance of social media.

We started with Google+. I feel like everyone has overlooked Google+. Reading the statistic that Google+ has 90 million users v. Twitters 100 million proves it is a relevant resource. Like any social media site its important to use images and create engagement but what really sets Google+ apart from any other site is its ability to increase SEO.

I had never heard of the authorship and Google+ until reading “How Authorship and Google+ Will Change Link Building” and now I understand how influential it is. One of the friends I was with is an aspiring actor and when I told him he could post all the videos and scripts he wanted on Facebook but they would only be “relevant” on Facebook he seemed confused. The reality is Facebook and Google don’t get along. I told him if he really wanted to be searchable he needed to get a Google+ account, start posting on his profile, and “author” all of his work. I could see the wheels turning.facebook_vs_google

But what about Facebook? Everyone has one. Everyone uses it. It has no age limit. It isn’t going away. It still is important to maintain a presence on Facebook, especially if you are trying to build a following. But again, it comes down to understanding how the site works. With 88% of fans never returning to the pages they “like” you need to figure out how to spark engagement. Asking for feedback and “caption this” work but what does it take to stay at the top of users newfeeds for an extended amount of time?

 Facebook is like a popularity test. For every “like,” every share, every comment Facebook determines just how relevant your post is and where it ranks in importance in followers newsfeeds; in Facebook jargon its known as the graph search. While Google+ may reward their users with improved SEO for their loyalty Facebook is stepping up to the plate by continuing to implement graph search into their strategy. Graph search will become the biggest competition for Google. Since Facebook is blocked from Google they have joined forces with Bing (which has already taken away $2 billion in ads from Google). It will be interesting to see how Google+ combats

Incorporating social media into your brand marketing strategy is essential. Knowing the benefits and perks each one has and how to utilize them is ultimately what will set you apart and help make you successful.


1)   Many of us didn’t know much about Google+ before this class. How are you planning to incorporate it more into your social media strategy now that we’ve read about its benefits?

2)   Now that Facebook has teamed up with Bing do you think it has the potential to overcome Google in terms of SEO and ads?