Why Data Mining?

Data-mining-graphicScary, creepy, invasive…these are a few words that come to my mind when I think of “data mining”. It worries me just how much information websites have about me just based on simple Internet practices I overlook (i.e. liking something on Facebook). In today’s culture I guess this is something I am just going to have to accept. But could companies be doing more to make this topic less scary for consumers?

I believe brands need to be upfront and honest when it comes to data mining. Many people have the wrong impression about this resource and what it’s used for. My parents are a prime example. They refuse to buy anything online, don’t use Internet banking, and don’t share too much information about themselves on social media. The harsh reality they refuse to accept is that even though they are very careful with their personal information companies are still practicing data mining on them. If companies made data mining less ambiguous and made it clear to users what was being done with their information and what information they were collecting I believe people like my parents would share more.

I completely understand the purpose of having data mining. If it can save me money, increase business, create expansion, detect fraud and lower my taxes then please be my guest to whatever information I can give you. It’s when companies are just collecting my information, not disclosing what they are gathering, and only influencing me to buy more products that raise some concerns for me. It’s not only a worry but an annoyance on many social media sites (specifically Facebook).


2 thoughts on “Why Data Mining?

  1. Trust is such a HUGE aspect with the lack of acceptance in data mining. I find it particularly disturbing when companies tell me they won’t sell my information…is that supposed to make me trust their data mining practices more? Maybe disclosing what they do with the information would help people accept this practice more?

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