Google Search Results: Alexis Willey

Have you ever Googled yourself? If you have, were the results a good representation of what you would want others to think about you or your reputation? Interestingly enough my assignment this week was to do just that and while the results weren’t crazy they were interesting to see.

I just Googled my name, Alexis Willey. The first few results were of my social media accounts, specifically LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, then a post from my this blog. I really like that my LinkedIn account was the first result from my Google search of myself. I want to be perceived as a professional, responsible young woman and I think this social network (along with my other social accounts) portrays this. If people were to do a Google search of me this would be the first link I would want them click.

The first and the fifth face look familiar but who are the rest of these "Alexis Willeys"?

The first and the fifth face look familiar but who are the rest of these “Alexis Willeys”?

The second page of my Google search was a little more interesting. My Google+ account, Pinterest, and then a few stories from a blog I had during undergrad appeared. Along with this was information about another Alexis Willey in Pennsylvania (mostly social media accounts) and a Facebook link for “The Alexis Willey Foundation” for 13-year-old girl, Alexis Willey battling leukemia in Iowa. I clicked on this link and it hasn’t been updated since January of 2011 so that kind of concerns me. The results on the second page were interesting because I feel like my name is unique. Growing up I was the only Alexis, and there aren’t very many Willey’s out there so to see results for people with the same name as me that I’m not related to was not what I was expecting.

I then Googled my email address and thankfully nothing relating to it came up. A few months ago I got an email from Gmail saying that someone from Turkey had tried to get into my Gmail account. When I was told I had to Google my email in this week’s assignment I thought I would find someone was using my “identity.”  What a relief to see no relevant results…

What was missing in my Google search? I am a pretty active person and I really enjoy running in races. I was surprised to see that none of my race results appeared in the first few pages of the search. I was also surprised to see that a lot of my blog entries weren’t available either. I work hard on these posts and based on WordPress analytics they are viewed pretty frequently, certainly more frequently than stories I wrote four years ago in undergrad! I wonder why one blog post from last semester appeared on the first page of the results but none from this semester?

What do I want to change? After seeing these results I would like to have my Google+ account appear on the first page of these results. I realize I need to be more active on this network  for improved SEO and so more results relating to me and not other Alexis Willeys will appear. I also know that I need to post more of my blog posts to my Google+ in order to have them appear higher in the results.

Where's my Google+ account?

1) Who is Alexis Willey from Hofstra University? 2)Where’s my Google+ account?

Googling myself really puts my online reputation into perspective. With recruiters and businesses admitting to using Google as a research tool it is imperative that we put our best “selves” forward on the Internet. If you haven’t Googled yourself before I advise that you do. You may be surprised what appears. 


12 thoughts on “Google Search Results: Alexis Willey

  1. Hi Alexis,
    I think it is hilarious that there were so many other people with your name! I had the same problem, and really had always thought Amanda Scheffer was unique. Isn’t that a weird feeling? I feel like my name has so much to do with my identity and then when I couldn’t find myself at all, it was a very odd thing.
    Anyway, I know that I have been slacking and not posting as much as I should to Google+ and I can’t help but think that it would help any new blog post a lot if you posted it there as well. I know that when I post there it usually helps me! Great post!

    • Hi Lauren,

      You are right. Posting in more G+ will help my SEO tremendously. This Google search assignment was really interesting and it’s been fun to see everyone’s results. Glad you thought mine were interesting too! =)

  2. Alexis, I thought your name was unique too. But don’t worry about it, we all have “copies” of us out there in the world 😀 In a different note, I wonder if you increase your number of tags in your blog posts for this class that would help Google rank them higher. You really do a great job in each of them, so I would like to see them rank higher as well.

  3. Who would’ve thought that Willey was so popular?! You’re the only person I’ve seen with that last name, so I would’ve guessed you would have dominated results! Despite the other Alexis Willeys out there, it’s great that you’re LinkedIn page tops all results. Whenever someone searches for you, they’ll see that professional image first. I feel you about the blog posts being disappointing. I guess we’ll both be spending more time posting on Google Plus! Nice post!

    • Hi Lauren,

      I thought that too with my Google search results. I’m happy my LinkedIn profile was the first result. There can be other Alexis Willeys out there but as long as something relating to me is the first result I think I’m ok with that! =)

  4. Hello Alexis. My blog page was not in any of the search result pages. I’m going to see if I can change the screen name and use Celeste Martínez to see what happens. Also, I find it strange that none of your race results appeared in the first few pages. I don’t run, but I know there is a chip and results are published immediately with the person’s name, right? Also, I wonder why your more current blog posts were not part of the results, specially if, like you say, you want to establish a professional reputation. Juan, thanks for your tips about the tags. I will keep it in mind too!

  5. Alexis,
    I also found it interesting that only a few of my blog posts appeared. What was different about them that would make some of them appear while others didn’t? Glad to see that someone else was experiencing the same thing. I think it is a good idea, as you mentioned, to put blog posts into Google+. I’m interested to see if that really has an impact on the visibility of the posts. If you do this and receive any good results, please let me know! Of course, that would force me to create a Google+ account. I don’t really want to, but with everything that we’ve discussed in this class already, I may be getting talked into it!

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