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I love to workout, not only because it is healthy for me but also because I really love to eat and drink yummy foods! One of these “foods” I thoroughly enjoy is wine, specifically a Riesling or a sparkling rose. My boyfriend likes to tease me about these “girly” wines so when I saw this week’s assignment I thought, “Why not use this week’s blog to expand my wine list?” and with that I downloaded the Hello Vino app to my iPhone.

hello vino menu pageHello Vino is a smartphone app that helps guide users to wines that suite their tastes. The main menu asks if it can help users find wine for certain meals, occasions, or holidays (i.e. Valentine’s Day). It also has wine options based on preference, types, and popular wine picks. Whichever option the user selects Hello Vino will help bring them to wines that are perfect for their tastes.

Hello Vino uses global positioning in order to send the user push notifications about wine. It also sends reminders about certain wines users have saved to their wine list. Perhaps the best part about Hello Vine using GPS is for the deals the app offers.hello vino wine deals

Other great aspects about Hello Vino include YouTube videos, wine lists, scanning ability and reviews. Their YouTube selection is really helpful. The videos detail how to use the app in order to get the most out of it! I really like this approach because I feel like it is more personal than just a “How to” section.

Through it’s scanning ability and wine lists Hello Vino makes sure users won’t forget wines they’ve enjoyed. Users can scan the labels of wines, save them to a wine list, and write a review for it. These reviews can then be shared with other users of the app.

Do I think Hello Vino is useful? Yes. As someone who usually only drinks one type of wine regularly I think this app will help me broaden my horizons. I think the most interesting aspect of Hello Vino is its ability to help me identify wines for certain types of food. For instance I am obsessed with sushi. I eat it probably two times a week, usually with a glass of Riesling. After doing some research on Hello Vino I found out that a Sauvignon Blanc goes better with spicy tuna rolls than a Riesling. I really look forward to the food and wine pairings I’ll be having in the future!


16 thoughts on “Hello Vino!

  1. This sounds like an app many people I know would like. Combining YouTube videos with wish lists and scanning ability sounds like the developers have done a good job of giving users an experience they’d value.

    I especially like the idea of a push notifications based on global positioning. Would I be notified if I was near a store that carried my favorite wine? If so, that’s a valuable feature.

  2. Hello Alexis. I am a wine lover too! I usually go for red wine, which is weird because white makes more sense in warm weather. As a matter of fact, I downloaded an app called Vivino two weeks ago. It has one feature which is concept is similar to Hello Vino, but not the same. Instead of scanning the label, here you take a picture of the wine label and getting reviews (if available), as well as average price. It stores your information. The photo of the label is easier to use, specially when you go to purchase it at the store. Then, with the GPS feature you can add the place where you tried it and the price. Like Hello Vino, the search result also gives you information about the grape, winery, food pairing, and vintage comparison. The GPS feature for deals sounds great too!
    Vivino sounds more like a personal database of the wines. Hello Vino is a database so you can look which wine to drink. Hello Vino offers more features. I am ready to switch!

  3. An app that helps you chose the wine that’s best for you, that’s great. Very unique concept that was created here, and it makes sense. The app looks very professional and clean, which is always a plus. I like how it offers deals. Wine can be pricey sometimes, but when their is some sort of discount or promotion on one, not only does it make it cheaper for you, it also get’s people to try it. This is like the ultimate app for any wine connoisseur.
    There are so many types of wine out there. Instead of having to try them all to see what you like (that could be a bad day), this app points you in the right direction.
    Nice post, I’m going to add this app to my smartphone.

  4. Hello Vino is (1) a great idea for an app and (2) sounds very useful! Like you, I have a few different types of wine I usually stick to (although I’m more of a red wine fan — pinot noir, petite sirah, malbec and the occasional cabernet sauvignon or tempranillo). But I know I’m supposed to drink white wines with white meats and light sauces — or I think I am. I guess I’d better download this app and see! My wine horizon could probably use some expanding.

    So, since the app uses GPS to offer me deals, does that mean it tells me about wine sales and such in stores near me? Because that would be awesome. I also really like the scanning feature you mention. When you’re drinking, things can get to a point where it’s hard to remember the name of that wine you really liked. Or maybe that’s just me.

    • I love that Hello Vino gives me advice about which wines to drink with certain foods. I can’t wait to try some of their suggestions! And I haven’t been offered any deals yet but I am excited to see how this perk works. And Julie you are not alone, sometimes when I like a wine I drink so much you forget the name too!

  5. How cool! I love wine (Riesling is my favorite, too! I’ve gotten all my friends into it) so this app is helpful. I will certainly be downloading it. I do wonder about food pairings sometimes, if I’m feeling fancy and want to switch up my beverage. I like that this app seems to make wine accessible and approachable to everyone through their easy to use interface. Wine may seem too stuffy for some people, and this helps demystify the many types of wine.

  6. Hi Alexis- I absolutely love wine too- and sushi! I usually only drink red wine, but lately I have been trying to broaden my horizons and try a few whites and roses when eating “lighter” foods such as fish or chicken. My dad is a huge believer in that a glass of wine a day, with dinner, is good for your health, heart, etc. He loves wines and as a child he would always let us smell different wines to try and guess what types of fruits were in it! I still feel like I have a lot of room to grow with my knowledge of wines. I usually just call my dad if I have any questions, but this apps seems like a great way to find other wines that I may like. There are so many to choose from and it can be over whelming sometimes! I will definitely check this app out the next time I decide to purchase wine!

    • I like the way your dad thinks! Wine choices can be overwhelming sometimes…especially when you go to a restaurant with a long list. I think this app would be great to use when looking to try new things!

  7. Hi Alexis,
    This app sounds awesome! Being so young, I am not very familiar with the different types of wine, but I know I love to enjoy a glass every now and then. This app seems like it would be really useful to learn about different types of wine and what pairs well with different types of food without having to go through all the trial and error.

    • I have only really tried white wines and found one kind I really like (Riesling) and pretty much stick to that type. I think this app will be a great way for people like you and me to learn more about wine and try new things!

  8. I plan on immediately downloading this app after posting this comment, I had no idea such a thing existed! I love trying new wines but I am always weary of committing to buying an entire bottle without some sort of “comfort level” that I am making a good choice. This would be great for dinner at a friend’s house when they ask you to bring a bottle of wine. I have been known to select bottles based on creative names, and not necessarily quality, so my friends may appreciate me using this app’s assistance when making my selections.

    • You sound like me. I always worry about buying new bottles of wine. I don’t want to spend money on wine if I’m not going to like it or enjoy it. I also seem to only buy bottles with cute names! This app will help us see beyond the name and price and really understand the flavors more!

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