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In this week’s episode of graduate school I have been asked to create a survey and distribute it on the Internet. I decided to create a survey based on my inspiration for going back to school and getting my Master’s degree: television and social media convergence. I think it is extremely important for television networks to have a social strategy to stay relevant but what does their audience think? I plan to use my friends on Facebook and people in Google+ communities as guinea pigs for this topic.

Ultimately I hope to establish whether or not social integrations on television are effective ways to reach audiences. I think of two television “news” shows I watch on a regular basis: The Today Show and E News. Both of these shows incorporate social media into their programming regularly. The Today Show has “the orange room” aka the social media room (pictured below) dedicated to what’s trending on Twitter complete with a big screen TV for the anchor to utilize during their social update. E News runs a Twitter crawl on a regular basis during E programming and has the hosts address celebrity social media posts, tweets, ect. I’ve never seen a rundown for these shows but I estimate a good 10-15 minutes of the programming (in the television world that is an eternity) is dedicated to some sort of social mention! There are aspects of these strategies that I enjoy but I am not sure if this is because social media fascinates me.

carson daily today show

By asking questions about how often people are exposed to social media on television, whether or not they enjoy it, and what incentives would get them to participate in television network social media campaigns I will help find my answer. Personally I want to see social media integrated into television programming, especially news. In my opinion news stations tend to be very biased and by having social media present I think it could help steer the conversation back to what the consumer is focused on. Regardless, social media has the ability to take television programming to the next level and I hope to find out if others think so too!

So, take a minute. Think about your opinion on these mediums merging and then take this quick seven question survey:


8 thoughts on “Social Survey Says…

  1. I agree that social media has a place in the news arena. I like that Fox News utilizes Twitter to gauge the audience’s reaction to topics and speaker guests. They are even able to separate gender reaction.

  2. Hey there! First of all I want to say “thank you” for making your blog post easy to find. It’s not so easy on every page to locate the latest post from this class.
    Getting back to the subject – I think you picked an amazing subject for your survey. I think that media features such as the #OrangeRoom in the Today Show are going to become even more popular. Social media is taking over the way we share and interact with TV and smart media and marketing executives see an opportunity. I personally think excited when I see people reacting to a story or an update in a similar way that I would. This created a sense of community, which was not possible before social media got integrated into TV programming.

    • I’m glad you could find my blog because I think your input is great! Having social media be a part of television programming is a great way to develop an audience and make it feel more intimate. I think The Today Show does an awesome job with that…even though Carson and Tamran get on my nerves sometimes!

  3. Hi Alexis,

    This topic was actually my second choice for this week’s assignment, so great minds think alike! I generally enjoy when television networks incorporate social media into their strategies, but sometimes it is done in a distasteful way. I was watching E! recently when they read on air a tweet that insulted one of the TV hosts. Then I watched as everyone on the show awkwardly laughed or tried to defend the host. It made me cringe because it was completely unnecessary.

    Your focus was mainly on news networks, but I also enjoy social media incorporation on other entertainment networks such as ABC Family. They have a hashtag for just about every show, and one of my guilty pleasures, Pretty Little Liars, has a specific hashtag for each scene. I almost always go through Tweets as I’m watching not only because it gives me such a good laugh, but because it’s interesting to read other’s theories regarding the mysteries. For me, social media has made television that much more enjoyable.

    Lastly, I noticed your agree and disagree questions didn’t have a neutral option. Was there a specific reasoning behind this? Looking forward to your results!

    • I cringe every time they read those tweets on E new too! I think it is so unnecessary! But in general I like to see social integration in television shows because it helps the audience join in the conversation. And to be honest I used the Survey Monkey pre-generated scale. I wonder why there wasn’t a neutral option. If I ever have to make another survey there are a lot of things I would do differently…I guess that’s why its called a learning curve! Thanks for your feedback!

  4. Hi Alexis,

    I actually do like the integration of television and social media. For example, every day I watch the simulcast of the SVP & Russillo show on ESPN radio and they have a very effective way of integrating their fans. Throughout the show they asks their fans questions on daily tops and even have a segment called “Ask SVP & Russillo” and viewers can tweet questions in simply with the hashtag #asksvpandrussillo.

    I don’t watch The Today Show or E News so I can’t comment on how they use integration, but I am going to assume that they use a pretty similar approach. But overall I think that it is a awesome way of getting fans involved with the production of a show.

    • I’ve watched that show and seen their social integration and I think it is great! Making the audience feel like they have a say is a great way to develop trust and loyalty. I think it is really important for television networks to remember this as we continue to rely more on social media!

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