How to Increase Your SEO: Simple Practices that Make the Difference

Increase SEOOptimal search engine optimization (SEO) relys on key factors, many of which we have studied this semester. Of course it is important to post quality content that includes keywords and to utilize analytics tracking sites…most people know this. What else can we be doing to increase SEO? The difference is often found in the details.

For instance, I feel I have been doing an adequate job of incorporating key words into my blog posts but haven’t in other components of my posts. Having searchable keywords in the beginning of my posts title and attached to my images will have a significant impact on the SEO of my blog. Now that I am aware of these tips you will start to see them incorporated more. By having these words easily accessible the easier it is for my posts to be visible in a Google search.

Another aspect I have neglected to incorporate into my blog post is internal linking. Why I haven’t been doing this is a mystery to me. As with this week’s SEO topic, many of our subjects relate back to previous topics I have written about. Hyperlinking these posts in future blog entries will increase traffic. It’s such an easy fix!

So why does all of this matter? If I’m doing a good job of creating content and getting adequate traffic that should be enough right? No! The whole goal of this class is to test theories and implement practices that will help us reach new heights, which includes an increase in SEO. Articles featured on the first page of Google’s search generate 91.5% more traffic! Implementing these practices, along with posting my blog entries on Google+ are simple fixes to improving my SEO.

Have you been focused on SEO when posting our blog assignments?

What are some practices you plan to incorporate into your posts to increase SEO?


4 thoughts on “How to Increase Your SEO: Simple Practices that Make the Difference

  1. Hi Alexis,
    Up until now I have not been at all focused on SEO, mostly because I did not know enough about it. Now that I know more, I know that there are some small changes I will start making with the hope of making big improvements. For instance, I am planning on incorporating titles when it comes to my images and articles that I post in my blog. I also am planning on saving my images with names that make sense to the image instead of just what comes up automatically. I am also planning on increasing my keywords, and using the keywords I use as part of my tags. Great post!

  2. Hi Alexis,

    Until now, I wasn’t focused on SEO for my blog. I’ve always tried to use keyword-rich titles, but didn’t know that the order of the words in the title mattered until now. In addition, I hadn’t been too worried about keywords within my content.

    Now, I’ll implement a lot of the practices you discussed. I’ll gear my titles more towards keywords in the front, and be sure to share all my blog posts on Google+, to name a few.

    Great post!

  3. I tend to think of SEO more for work and less for my blog– so thank you for making me think outside the box on that one! I do use keywords when creating the blog. Keywords generating more traffic for your blog makes sense, it is an easily searchable and trackable method.

    I’m going to start utilizing the Google+ plan more often– I will start posting more of my blogs and various content to Google+, as there is a much better chance this will show up in a search. Something so simple will really help make my content searchable and my results will be higher overall.

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