How Many Views are Your Posts Really Getting?

It is important to have goals when it comes to social media. Defining your message, adding value to your viewers lives, and creating engagement are key elements to success on any social network, but how do we measure this success? Is it by comments, shares, or likes? What about those who view your material but choose not to respond to it? In my opinion, defining success on social media is more in-depth than visible engagement.

imagesCAM2D3MAFor one of our social media assignments last week we were asked to post material using concepts associated with viral content. I chose to post links by using One link I posted on Google+ only received one +1 but received the most clicks/views out of any of my other posts. In my assignment I classified this as the most successful piece of material for the week; however, I would not have known this if I was not able to monitor engagement through Seeing these results showed me how beneficial analytics sites can be when determining success and planning my next social media post.

This revelation made me think more about the material I post. What is it that made this link very “clickable” but didn’t correlate into shares or likes? This is where listening, learning, and revising my strategy begins.

Listening to what people discuss in relation to material I post should be the heart of my content strategy. I love the Gatorade example provided in “Beyond Social Media Analytics.” When Gatorade listened to their consumers and found out coaches did not know the product hydrated better than water they changed their message to convey this. Instead of continually pushing a message across to my audience listening and understanding what they don’t know and addressing it could potentially lead to improved engagement.

bitly-analyticsLearning and identifying trends and understanding how my audience uses different social media outlets are aspects I plan on incorporating into my posting routine. I had never really thought about how important these concepts are until I was involved in a conversation with a coworker who asked me how I identify trends on social media. Wake up call: I haven’t really been identifying trends! I have been so consumed with posting material and creating interactions that I haven’t examined trends with the material I post. I’ve been thinking humorous content get’s my viewer’s attention, but my link about Google+ somehow received more clicks? It’s time to reevaluate my strategy.

In social media numbers don’t lie, they just need to be examined closely to get the truth. Identifying what your goals are and choosing the appropriate analytics site that helps you track social media goals will help you measure your success and improve your plan. This may seem overwhelming but it is necessary to be the best we can be on social media!

Your Turn

Have you been using analytics sites this semester to track your audience engagement? If so, what conclusions have you determined through the results?

How do you plan to use these services to improve your posts and gain success on social media?


2 thoughts on “How Many Views are Your Posts Really Getting?

  1. We track everything we do for our company’s social accounts (using Hootsuite), but I must admit that I haven’t tried very hard to track my personal analytics. It’s not that I don’t know how; it’s just that I spend most of my time on work accounts. I know I need to get better at tracking my own social media success (and non-successes) so I can see where I need to improve.

  2. I’m in the same boat as Julie. I spend so much time, even after hours, monitoring social media for my job that I don’t take it very seriously for myself. So, analytics aren’t exactly at the top of my list for my personal pages.

    This week I learned how little my company is connected with meaningful people Facebook. We post good content, and we’ve been gaining followers, but I don’t know who any of the followers are. I’d rather have less number but be followed by reporters, bloggers, industry experts than random people. I didn’t necessarily need an analytics site to tell me this, but it did help open my eyes.

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