My Honest Mistakes on LinkedIn and How I Plan to Change Them

keep-calm-and-update-linkedinOk, I’ll admit it! I am guilty of “making connections” on LinkedIn with people I barely even know just so that connections number on my profile looks big and helps justify my popularity on the site. Until this week I thought having recommendations and gaining as many connections as possible would help me excel on LinkedIn. Wrong! There is so much more I can be doing that will make me marketable and gain new business connections.

I’ve read the articles and listened to the advice from this week’s studies and have already started implementing some of the recommended practices. I updated my headline to include “Up and Coming Social Media Expert.” I also updated my summary to include keywords like search engine optimization, social media marketing, brand building, ect. I included a link to my blog so recruiters and businesses can see my application of what I am studying. I’ve taken the right steps to becoming a highly searchable and marketable person on LinkedIn.

While all of this is great I’ve only started covering the basics. I love that we have been encouraged to update our status on LinkedIn. I have seen people do it but didn’t think about the impact it can have. Updating my status will give people the opportunity to see my personality. Participating in group discussions also allows users to see I am active on the site and it gives them a look at my perspective on topics discussed. I determine my success on LinkedIn. Armed with a Master’s degree, experience, recommendations, and stellar connections isn’t enough. By staying active and engaged on the business platform I will set myself up for success in the future.

Bottom line: we are all in this Master’s program because we want to advance our careers and be successful with our future endeavors. Whether you’re looking for a new career path, wanting to advance in your current company, or hoping to make new business connections incorporating practices that set you apart from the 225 million users that are on LinkedIn will be essential. It’s a commitment, but one that will pay off if you work at it!


2 thoughts on “My Honest Mistakes on LinkedIn and How I Plan to Change Them

  1. I’m with you completely! I have requested “suggested” connections with people I hardly know and have accepted invites from people I don’t know at all. In this type of situation, I felt it was better to have a few quality connections, but a large quantity of overall connections. Like you, I was mistaken.

    The status thing was news to me as well. Because of the layout of LinkedIn, I usually just view it on my phone and get the reader’s digest version of things. Of course, now this is going to change.

  2. I’ve always viewed LinkedIn as the professional side of what we were supposed to do, but I’ve never (none of us have) had formal training. So this is the upside to having it. Now we know what we should make our profiles look like, what content we should be posting and we be making connections. It really does offer a lot for us to consider moving forward.

    We can put a ton of a general information that just scratches the surface without saying anything. It’s all in how we want to present ourself to the business world.

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