Realizations of this Week: It Seems I May Have Overlooked Google+ and Facebook “Likes” Bing

Some friends of mine flew in from NYC this weekend and while at lunch we began talking about social media. One of my friends said he believes social media will die out. Another one didn’t know what Google+ was, and my boyfriend said Google+ was a waste of time. And so began the in-depth conversation we had about the benefits of Google+, the pros and cons of Facebook and Google+, and the relevance of social media.

We started with Google+. I feel like everyone has overlooked Google+. Reading the statistic that Google+ has 90 million users v. Twitters 100 million proves it is a relevant resource. Like any social media site its important to use images and create engagement but what really sets Google+ apart from any other site is its ability to increase SEO.

I had never heard of the authorship and Google+ until reading “How Authorship and Google+ Will Change Link Building” and now I understand how influential it is. One of the friends I was with is an aspiring actor and when I told him he could post all the videos and scripts he wanted on Facebook but they would only be “relevant” on Facebook he seemed confused. The reality is Facebook and Google don’t get along. I told him if he really wanted to be searchable he needed to get a Google+ account, start posting on his profile, and “author” all of his work. I could see the wheels turning.facebook_vs_google

But what about Facebook? Everyone has one. Everyone uses it. It has no age limit. It isn’t going away. It still is important to maintain a presence on Facebook, especially if you are trying to build a following. But again, it comes down to understanding how the site works. With 88% of fans never returning to the pages they “like” you need to figure out how to spark engagement. Asking for feedback and “caption this” work but what does it take to stay at the top of users newfeeds for an extended amount of time?

 Facebook is like a popularity test. For every “like,” every share, every comment Facebook determines just how relevant your post is and where it ranks in importance in followers newsfeeds; in Facebook jargon its known as the graph search. While Google+ may reward their users with improved SEO for their loyalty Facebook is stepping up to the plate by continuing to implement graph search into their strategy. Graph search will become the biggest competition for Google. Since Facebook is blocked from Google they have joined forces with Bing (which has already taken away $2 billion in ads from Google). It will be interesting to see how Google+ combats

Incorporating social media into your brand marketing strategy is essential. Knowing the benefits and perks each one has and how to utilize them is ultimately what will set you apart and help make you successful.


1)   Many of us didn’t know much about Google+ before this class. How are you planning to incorporate it more into your social media strategy now that we’ve read about its benefits?

2)   Now that Facebook has teamed up with Bing do you think it has the potential to overcome Google in terms of SEO and ads?


13 thoughts on “Realizations of this Week: It Seems I May Have Overlooked Google+ and Facebook “Likes” Bing

  1. I feel like I am taking this class with you, Alexis! I learned so much from this article. I have a friend who runs her own small PR firm and I’ve always wondered why she’s so pro Google + . . . now I know!

  2. Hi Alexis,
    After this reading, I know I need to use Google+ a lot more. To some extent I may use some of the same concepts I use on Facebook. I noticed in our readings that people on both sites respond to visuals, so I will start incorporating more visuals into my posts. I still don’t think Facebook can compare to Google even if they gain traction with Bing. I think when it comes to SEO and ads, Google will stay on top. Great post and I agree I have learned a lot about Google+ and how important it is this week.

  3. A great general analysis of how people feel towards Facebook vs. G+: that is, most people have no idea why it is even important. I understand Facebook’s strategic move with Bing, but I don’t see Bing having the share of search for a while (if ever). That’s just a difficult mountain to climb, so while I see the strategy, FB’s reaction appears to be more sour grapes than true advantage. The reality is, FB isn’t dependent on search. But by not being indexed, it does hurt inbound traffic, meaning that while Google+ might never be Facebook, they don’t have to be. People just need to understand why they must use it, and then G+ “wins.”

    • You’re right! People don’t go to Facebook to learn more about brands and retailers, they Google them to find out about them. As I continue to learn more about Google+ the more I realize that it is the winner. The benefits it has for brands is unbelievable! Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Alexis,

    That is crazy- I’m on a plane flying back from a conference where I gave a presentation called- The Art of Socialfication – Building a Great American Brand

    I basically applied the same ideas- just different in terms of what action to take. I was shocked how many highly intelligent business owners weren’t aware of the importance of social signals. Only 2 or 3 had a G+ account.

    I guess you are my birthday twin today….


    • Thanks for the feedback Chad! I have to admit I didn’t realize how valuable Google + was until recently. Now that I understand how influential it is I will be implementing it more into my social media repertoire. Good luck on all of your endeavors!

  5. Alexis,

    Google+ is now one of my favorite social media platforms. I love sharing content, and Google+ is a great way to discover and share. It’s easy to measure engagement, or popularity as you put it, with the +1, which is similar to a Facebook like. I can use Sparks to search for great content. I can even use Hangouts for a study group session without having to rearrange schedules to meet everyone face to face. Google+ is a win-win for everyone.

    • Jason,

      Google+ is becoming one of my favorite social media platforms too! I love that I can put people in groups and allow them to see information that is relevant to them. It keeps my other followers from being bombarded with information they don’t care about! I also love the Community aspect of the site too! You post great things on G+. Love reading your posts!

  6. I think Facebook could become a very powerful SEO/indexing of information platform with the collaboration with Bing. My fear is that this might not be something that I would consider a “good idea.” It just seems like the social world would distract from the “information” world too much if that makes sense…. Great post!

    • Great point! When you think about why people go on Facebook it isn’t to look up brands or do research…they go there to share and see what’s going on with their friends. While I think Facebook teaming up with Bing has the potential to be great I don’t think it will threaten Google, the original powerhouse search engine! Thanks for the feedback!

  7. I don’t think Facebook will ever be Google+ in terms of SEO and I don’t think Bing will ever beat Google no matter how hard it tries. Bing doesn’t have it’s own web browser like Google does with Chrome. Google is on everyone’s radar all the time and it will stay there for a long time.

    Now that I’ve seen the amount of interaction within communities, I will be using Google+ to target my specific audiences and provide them the content they are looking for. I received more interaction this week by posting in communities than I did just posting on my Google+ profile or my Facebook profile.

    • I agree with you! Google will always be the king of search engines!

      I got a lot of traffic by posting in specific communities on Google+. I found that to be so interesting and something I will continue to implement into my social media practices! Thanks for the feedback!

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