Employing Your Audience Through Social Media (Lecture Reaction)

People log onto their social media outlets because they want to connect with people and see what’s going on in the lives of those they follow. With the exception of LinkedIn, most people are looking for an informal way of connecting with others. Facebook and Twitter have made it easy for companies to connect with their customers. I really enjoyed the Lays example and looked further into their “Do Us a Flavor” campaign and how it relates to this week’s lecture.

Lays “Do Us a Flavor” campaign to introduce new flavors in other countries was so successful that they tried it in the US. I know I enjoyed all the commercials and bought all three of the flavors in the running. The key for today’s marketing is that companies need to have their consumers work for them and to word ads as though you are giving the consumer something. Lays gave the consumer the choice to vote for their favorite flavor and gave the winner who suggested the flavor a one million dollar prize. The consumer gave Lays practically free marketing on Facebook and Twitter (via shares and likes) and another successful ad campaign. Jon Goodman referenced that for every Facebook like a company gets it is equivalent to as much as $174 over the lifetime of the person who liked it. Lays has over six million likes on Facebook. Doritos has just over four million. Those two million more likes can translate into a lot of revenue if Lays continues to engage the consumer.

Lays is the perfect example of how to leverage Facebook and Twitter. The company used these outlets to get over one million votes for the next chip flavor, but knowing how to reach your target audience and how to keep them engaged seems to be the hardest part of social media. Seeing the break down of time spent and demographics for each social media outlet is very interesting. For example, companies get so wrapped up in pushing their message across on Facebook they forget women are the majority of the users and that we get annoyed with multiple posts and eventually unfollow or stop “listening.”  I know I have personally stopped following people on social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram because they continually post irrelevant information. This week’s lecture impressed upon me that it is essential to utilize your audience to help spread brand awareness.  Whether it’s voting for a chip flavor or just sharing a picture you post, understanding how to employ your audience helps determine how you utilize social media.



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