What is Your Goal When it Comes to Social Media?

Social-Media-BrandThis weeks articles really impressed upon me the importance of building myself as brand, finding my unique voice on the Internet via social media, and helped me realize that doing all of this is going to be a long term investment.

I have always been a very goal oriented person. I have utilized the S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) method when pursuing personal and professional goals but never thought of employing it with social media until I read Be Honest: Do You Have a Social Media Strategy? Social media and the Internet aren’t going away. They are only becoming more prevalent in our society. I understand that having reachable goals and a strategy when it comes to social media is important but what is it that I really want to get out of these outlets?

The concept of companies using social media to get to “know” their applicants opened my eyes to a new reality and also what my goal in social media should be. I am taking this masters program because I want to advance my career in social media. I need to employ social media to show recruiters this is what I am passionate about and I am good at it. When they view me on social media outlets I want them to visit my blog and read what I have to say about social media. I want them to realize that what my resume may lack in comparison with someone with 20 years of experience I make up for with my real world approach to the most influential (and potentially lucrative) media source out there…social media.

The Hidden Benefits of Social Media Marketing article helped me realize that I am on the right track. I have a community of followers that I have instant access to. Why am I not tapping into them and using them to get my message across? We aren’t “businesses” connecting with “consumers” we are people connecting with people. People want to talk to each other not automated voice systems. As I continue to position myself as a social media expert I need to find content that will keep me “human” and not just push a message across. Ultimately I need to focus on building relationships with my followers and have them help me get my message across!

In this social media journey I have embarked on I know not everyone will understand or condone what I am doing. I hope to embrace and listen to them just as Makers Mark listened to their consumers. Not everyone will agree with what my goals in social media are but it is up to me to listen to them and respond appropriately to have a better understanding with my community.

Your Response

  1. What do you think of companies now using social media for recruiting purposes? Are you in favor of companies getting to know the real you or do you feel it is an invasion of privacy? How far is too far when it comes to “investigating” potential employees?
  2. Everyday we are bombarded with ads and other nonsense posted on social media sites. As you work on branding yourself, or your company, what are some methods you plan to use to not be overlooked on social media?

5 thoughts on “What is Your Goal When it Comes to Social Media?

  1. Alexis,

    I think companies have to use social media for recruiting purposes because clients and possible investors will use it to judge the company, and this includes its employees. If an account is public, meaning you can find/follow/view posts without permission or acceptance, there is no invasion of privacy in my opinion. There is a line though and companies are currently trying to cross it by asking applicants for their Facebook passwords. To me, that’s the equivalent of asking to read my mail or my personal email inbox. It’s just not something an employer should have access to. If they want to “friend” me, awesome. Always love new friends.

    I think the idea of “gamification” is really interesting. Most people are interested in winning, even if there is no prize. It’s a strange part of our make-up. All that being said, I would incorporate games into an ad or an ad campaign to give my product or event a leg up.

  2. Alexis- I think employers using social media for recruiting purposes is a brilliant idea. In my opinion, social media is a tool that should be used to market yourself. LinkedIN is the social media site that comes to mind when I think of recruiting. Keeping up-to-date on your skills, jobs, and other information is crucial. This will allow recruiters to see the most current information. Other social media sites that come to mind when discussing this topic include Facebook. Whether you like it or not, you are portraying an image of yourself via your personal social media sites. As Casey stated above, if your social media sites are public, it is not an invasion of privacy. If a company is asking for passwords, that in my opinion is an invasion of privacy. We are entering into a new world that runs on social! Finding out peoples interest, skills, and thoughts via social media is a great way to get to know they real you, even if it is potential employers doing a little searching. Just remember to always keep it professional! Alexis- How do you feel about this topic?

  3. I haven’t heard of employers requesting for potential employee passwords on social media outlets…that’s a little much! I think it’s a good idea for recruiters to check people out online. It can be a good indication of character. You can tell a lot about a person based on their profile picture! Thanks for the feedback ladies!

    I think gamification is a great way to drive traffic on company websites. At HSN we have an “arcade” on our website and having this feature has really proven to be successful!

  4. Alexis, great post! it sounds like you are really making strides to create your own social media identity while learning the tools from this program! Maybe I am a little of a social media purist, but I personally feel the professional world has no place in my social media. I think when these platforms were created, they intended their users to be able to engage in uncensored and free conversation without the fear of “the man” looking over them. Now, as Dave commented in my blog, all of our interactions on these sites have to be censored for fear of the wrong person reading them. LinkedIn was created for the professional world, let them stay there as far as I’m concerned! Me, if I have a bad day at work, I want to know that I can go home and gripe about it on social media and know that if you don’t like it, you’re welcome to un-follow me… not fire me! Great post!

  5. I can see your point of view and completely agree! I think both the Caseys made good points that personal pages on Facebook and maybe Twitter need to be set to private. I think it’s a good idea to do that because we all have our moments. Thanks for the comment!

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